We are a family company that has been owned and established for over 27 years.  We are financially independent with no bank borrowings, so unlike many companies we don't have the extortionate bank charges that ultimately you end up paying for in the retail price.  We also have no (what we call) "Dead Weight" with all of our team working hard and with no commission led suited sales persons on the payroll.  Even our managing director spends at least 3 days in our workshops, we all "multi task" to reach a common goal and ultimately produce a fantastic product.
We build a truck that the job demands, not a box of gimmicks, we are a company that are in this market place to stay.

Due to the amazing response we have had with the "Optimus" and the introduction of the "Big Cab" Base Pickup, w
e are setting out on another "Round Britain Road Trip".  Over several months visiting established companies and potential "New Starts" to show you that you don't have to spend £30k+ on a truck when an "Optimus" can hold more stock, do the same job and earn the same or more as has been proven by many operators for half the money. 

If you would like us to give you a "No Pressure Demo" or if you are just curious to see what your competition will be using in the future, drop us an email with your contact details and we will arrange a visit at your convenience.  Don't be afraid to contact us as we never pester customers with repetitive sales calls.


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