Bob4 New and Used catering sandwich truck van

Bob Wildings Ltd is a specalist in the manufacture of new BOB4 Hot and Cold Sandwich and Snack Delivery Vans.  We also stock a large range of Used Sandwich and Snack Trucks aswell as Used Jiffytrucks.  We also carry out Body Repairs and Refurbish on all catering and sandwich vans. Hot and Cold Food Delivery vans and trucks are available for Hire.  We also stock and supply spare parts.
Call our hotline 7 days a week 8 am - 8pm on 07775 903640 or 01205 280364

The Great Restaurant Bounce Back

Watch our video and see what we can do to help your food business bounce back from the COVID-19 Pandemic!



We are a family company that has been owned and established for over 32 years.  We are financially independent with no bank borrowings, so unlike many companies we don't have the extortionate bank charges that ultimately you end up paying for in the retail price.  We also have no (what we call) "Dead Weight" with all of our team working hard and with no commission led suited sales persons on the payroll.  Even our managing director spends at least 3 days in our workshops, we all "multi task" to reach a common goal and ultimately produce a fantastic product.

We build a truck that the job demands, not a box of gimmicks, we are a company that are in this market place to stay.

If you would like us to give you a "No Pressure Demo" or if you are just curious to see what your competition will be using in the future, drop us an email with your contact details and we will arrange a visit at your convenience.  Don't be afraid to contact us as we never pester customers with repetitive sales calls.

Call us now on 01205 280364 or 07775903640
Find us at Langrick (B1192) Near Boston in Lincolnshire, PE22 7AJ.
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