Our amazing Optimus is now offered on a FIAT CHASSIS FROM £25,795 plus vat.

All our New conversions are individually tested by VOSA.

We presently have a 4 month waiting list for new trucks this alone proves we are the 
best value available!

Build slots can be reserved for £500! Plan ahead and we will take 
your old truck in part/ex great finance/ lease deals available ask for details!

THE  BOB4  "OPTIMUS" Hot / Cold Catering Truck has.....
Amazing Load Capacity
"Hubbard 360" or the latest GAH Chiller System
Eberspacher Airtronic Heating System
Anti-Bac Dispenser

Starting at the amazing price of £25,795 Plus V.A.T.
First reg. Fee and road tax (no options) and thats for a brand new  truck !!!  "ON THE ROAD" 

£500 will reserve your build slot with a further 10% on build start with the balance on collection                                                                                                  



With driver and a full tank this truck can carry an amazing 420kg

With a standard can rack......................130 cans

With large can rack...............................200 cans !!!

40 sq.ft. of COLD shelving (5 shelves)

20sq.ft  HOT shelving 

Will carry 130 bags of crisps

You can now do the "cash n Carry" and Buffet run with the same vehicle. 
The "Optimus can carry 11 loaded full size bread baskets in its reserve side whilst fully loaded for the day run.

NO other vehicle in this market place can do this ! 

When we show Operators this Vehicle the most common statement from them is....................    
"It's LIKE a TARDIS " 

They then realise the Big Truck they are Operating with all it's Big Costs is Really a Little Truck in a Big Box!!



Since the launch of the "OPTIMUS" in August 2010 over 75 operators have changed from there existing truck to an "OPTIMUS". Plus many more " new starts" are going into business with a more competitive edge with lower start up and running costs . Average takings for this type of business is between £225 - £375 a day, not the claimed £500+ that other manufacturers claim. That is the exception and not the rule.  This data is taken from the many small and large companies we have visited in the last 36 months.

All businesses, large and small may have seen a decrease in takings over the last 5 years. Our "OPTIMUS" will give you fast earn you back some of your lost profit that your current vehicle is draining with great features such as the "Optimus"can also be turned OFF at stops saving even more fuel!!


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