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Keeping you trading is our No.1 Priority

We know that your vehicle is your livelihood and that a day of missed trading is one day too many.  We have a few failsafes in place to keep you trading no matter what!

Damaged Jiffy - we can repair all of our competitors models too!

If you have a problem then we want to help! This is your direct line to Bob who will try to talk you through any problem.  Wether it's mechanical or that you have been involved in an accident we can offer advice and talk you through the options to getting any issues you are having solved.

07775 903640


Managing Director, Bob, takes all calls on our Helpline number.  Bob can talk you through most basic issues you may have and he is also happy to talk something mechanical through with your local mechanic to get you back out on the road as soon as possible.


We can book you in for repairs, MOT and servicing with our team here in Langrick.  Whilst we get you all fixed up we can send you home with one of our courtesy trucks so that you can keep trading.  


We know that accidents can happen and we are ready to help where we can.  As you can see from the pictures on this page we can tackle some of the worst damage.  Accidents are always unexpected and we are always here to jump in and help where we can.


If you are involved in an accident and it's not your fault then we can help you get your vehicle back on the road.  We can undertake repair work via your insurance company and we can organise a rental for you whilst we get you all fixed up.

Damaged Vehicles can easily be repaired here at

If you are experiencing any of these issues please give us a call between 8am - 8pm 7 days a week on 07775 903640 and we will be here to help.

You can also contact Specialist Vehicle Hire for any additional vehicle rentals you may need.  Our vehicles are available via their service...
Ask for Lucy 02392 739911

A damaged Jiffy Truck

Our 7 Days Advice Helpline

Insider Knowledge

We know the catering industry on many levels.  We run two of our own restaurants and prior to that we have also run our own Hot and Cold Food Delivery Service using our own vehicles.  We have a great deal of knowledge that we are happy to pass on to those starting up in business including pointers for great suppliers, the type of food you might want to sell on your vehicle and also tips for sales and marketing.

We know our vehicles....

We designed them and we know them inside and out.  We know what they are great at and we know their shortfalls.  If you are experiencing an issue with your vehicle then we can pretty much guarantee that we will know what it is and how to solve it.  These vehicles have to work very hard so we are here to give you the pointers to keeping your truck happy, healthy and most importantly doing its job.

An example of one of our repairs....

The most common type of damage this type of vehicle returns to us with is the dreaded "door up collision".  All vehicles are fitted with an alarm to notify the driver that the service door is open but it can take a few seconds for a driver to see it and.... BOOM, you have a damaged truck.   This is the type of damage that an insurance company can write a vehicle off with but we can easily repair this.

This type of damage can severely twist the frame of the body as you can see from pictures 1 and 2.   We repaired this specific vehicle in 4.5 days and got it back to the customer in full working order ( see pictures 3 and 4).  This is a competitors model.

Our Bob4 models are fitted with a door that slides off if it is involved in a collision (see pictures 5 and 6).  This stops the entire body being bent out of shape and reduces the repair time.  We can repair one of our doors in less than half a day.

We can't emphasise enough that you should contact us if you are in need of this type of repair job.  Insurance companies are very quick to write off vehicles with this type of damage as they deem it to be a specialist repair.  It is for a standard garage but this is what we do.

Insurance companies often pay out far less than these working vehicles are worth so please contact us for a repair quote.  We have seen businesses crippled by their vehicles sustaining this type of damage which is so unnecessary when we have the skills and expertise to repair it. 

Purchased one of our vehicles and need some advice?

If you have purchased one of our vehicles and you need some pointers for getting the most out of, not only your vehicle, but also your business then we are happy to help.
We know our vehicles inside and out and we also know the catering and hospitality business.  If you have questions about getting your business started or maybe you have purchased an existing business using our vehicles and just need the basics please don't hesitate to get in touch. 

This advice and aftercare service is included with any purchase of a BOB4 vehicle and it extends for the lifetime of our vehicles. 



New Hot n Cold Sandwich , Snack Vans for Sale. Hot Food Delivery Vehicles Bought, Sold and Repaired here at BOB4. We also have Used Jiffytrucks for sale. We carry out Accident Repairs and Refurbishment to Jiffytrucks and along with our own bespoke builds, our own BOB4 models and all other makes.

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