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Welcome to Bob4

Bob4 is a manufacturer of hot and cold snack trucks. We specialize in providing high-quality snack trucks to business owners and hospitality professionals. Our trucks are built to last and come with the latest features and technology.
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Our hot and cold snack trucks come in a range of sizes and styles to meet your specific needs. Whether you are looking for a small truck for a local event or a large truck for a nationwide tour, we have you covered. Click here to view our inventory.

Need a snack truck that is tailored to your unique needs? We offer custom builds that can be designed to your exact specifications. Click here to learn more.

Featured Trucks

Browse our selection of hot and cold snack trucks at competitive prices.

Why Choose Bob4?

Quality Craftsmanship
7-Day Satisfaction Guarantee
Free Delivery Anywhere in the UK
Free Test Drives
Custom Financing Options
Looking for financing options? We offer custom financing options to help you get the snack truck you need. Contact us to learn more.
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