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We specialise in repair work for all types of catering vehicles, focusing particularly on our own custom vehicles. However, we're also fully equipped and more than happy to repair your old Jiffy Truck. Our in-depth knowledge of our vehicles, as well as those of our other competitors—who currently do not offer a repair service—sets us apart.

Customer aftercare is a top priority for us. From offering advice on building your sandwich business to meeting the daily demands of your operations, we're here to support you. Our managing director, Bob, is dedicated to your success; he is readily available, often beyond working hours, to ensure your vehicle keeps running. After all, we understand that your vehicle is your livelihood, and we are committed to keeping you on the road and in business.

Alterations and Bespoke Builds

At, we specialise in transforming various types of vehicles into bespoke, functional spaces. Here are some of our standout projects:

  1. Ambulance to Mobile Kitchen: Our first case study features an old ambulance repurposed into a fully-equipped mobile kitchen. This innovative conversion is ready to serve as a temporary kitchen for major hotel or restaurant refits, festivals, or film sets, equipped with top-of-the-line cooking appliances, comprehensive food storage, and self-contained water and waste systems.

  2. Horsebox Conversions:

    • Bar: One of our horsebox conversions has been turned into a charming, fully functional mobile bar, perfect for events and private parties.

    • Pizza Kitchen: Another horsebox now operates as a mobile pizza kitchen, complete with all the equipment needed to deliver freshly made pizzas straight from the oven.

  3. Custom Project for MEV: We completed a bespoke conversion for a significant British Airways contract through MEV, showcasing our ability to handle large, complex projects tailored to specific client needs.

Discover how can transform ordinary vehicles into extraordinary mobile solutions tailored to your needs.

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